Global Mentoring Walk

I was fortunate to have been selected as a Mentee for this year’s Mentoring Walk in Johannesburg – it is a global initiative where young aspirant women leaders are paired with a successful, well established female leaders and business women. Over 70 cities from over 50 countries participated, so it is a pretty big deal!

Mentorship is an empowering tool and it equips a person (mentee) with sound advice, guidance, and support in order for them to progress in their personal and professional life. However, approaching someone to be your mentor can be intimidating.

When you remove the expensive clothes and the fancy office, the invisible barriers fall away and this allows you to interact with these incredible women in a way that does not make you feel less than they are, suddenly, you are face-to-face with a regular human being.

Being International Women’s Day, the walk on 8th March was nothing short of special and inspiring. There were women from around the globe present with equally impressive stories. I met VP’s of large corporates, founders of NGOs and entrepreneurs – ladies from different walks of life who are products of a broad range of circumstances (some were retrenched, others were victims of traumatic events, some had no money to pay for their education and others who were born into wealth) but there was one common thread – ambition and drive. These women are no strangers to hardwork and sacrifice. The wealth of knowledge in that room was infinite, and I walked out feeling like a million bucks. My mentor, Irisha Luhanga, the founder of Redefine Human Capital, has a remarkable depth to her and she has sparked my entrepreneurial desire. Cultivating healthy relationships is very important and everybody has something to offer. Thank you to the Passionate Professional for the opportunity to be a part of a network of incredible women!