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I love the “New Years” feeling. Cynics will say that a new year will not change your life, and will usually not support New Years resolutions – because we make promises to ourselves and then get lazy or demotivated and we never achieve what we want to, and yet we do it year after year. 

Do we really want our lives to be a series of unaccomplished goals? Do we want to be reminded that we are fickle and unable to commit? 

Not me… looking from afar, I may come across as lazy. In my previous posts, I mentioned that I would be starting a business. Then life happened and I moved to another city to commence legal articles. I turned down a few projects and it looked like I was a failure. Truth is, I prioritized law and learning above the CSR business. I am glad I did. My legal journey in 2016 has been successful. I set goals but life happened and the goal post had changed, so I adapted and studied further while working my ass off, I worked hard and I focused on me as opposed to what others may think of me. Needless to say, I smashed those goals. 

New goals!! 

I love goals. What better way to get amped for the year ahead, than by setting goals to accomplish? And if something gets in your way (maybe your university also tells you that they’ve changed your course requirements and you can’t graduate until you’ve completed 9 more subjects) – you adapt, and you get on with it. Sulk, throw a tantrum and then focus. Struggles and hardships are character building. 

So… my 2017 resolutions are as follows; 

1. Smile more (in photos) – I look like a dork so I avoid smiling for photos 

2. Pass my board exams – 3 more to go! 

3. Drink 1-2L of water a day 

4. Start mountain biking regularly – fun way to get fit and explore 

5. Go to gym 3-4 times a week, before work if possible. 

6. Come home (to Durban) as often as I can 

7. Make time to connect with friends and family. 

Once established, I then break them up into monthly goals which makes it easier to track my progress. 
See smiles below, goal 1 – progress ✅ 


White is right

… If you’re rice, maybe

Joelle Kayembe, South African model – she’s dark-skinned and unbelievably gorgeous!

Why do dark skinned women feel less attractive than light skinned women? Why do we spend so much money on lightening and bleaching products? 

… Well not me, I’d rather treat myself to a spa day. 

I’m an Indian woman, and while I’m not the darkest person, I’m closer to black than I am to white. And it gets “worse” –  when I spend time in the sun… I begin to look like a shadow.



Me, on a normal day – no crazy sun tan yet but so brown!



And guess what – I have no problem with that. With so many body issues, it’s liberating to feel comfortable in my skin.

I’ve grown up around people who wished they were lighter in complexion, and those who were lighter never wanted to venture out in the sun. Were they afraid that their lightness would disappear forever?

The Indian community can be really superficial (even mean) regarding skin colour, the guys want to date the light skinned girls, and both male and females dub dark skinned people as less attractive. Often you’ll hear people say “she’s so beautiful and fair”

Or “she’s pretty but she’s dark”

Honestly, when my skin looks really dark after sun exposure, I don’t feel attractive because I’m not used to seeing myself like that, however I get over that quickly when neon colors pop off my skin and it looks amazing. Just look…

Neon looks great on tan and dark skin tones.


Instead of using filters to lighten and brighten my skin in photos, I use them to make myself a shade darker. Because who cares? F.U society.

There is nothing sexier than confidence, and while we’re all insecure about our bodies (no matter how gorgeous we are), we can change and improve certain things – work on our fitness to get a leaner body; squat for a perkier bum; change the colour of our hair; trim and shape our monster eyebrows… There’s so much to deal with so why must we now worry about our skin colour too? It can be altered, but at what cost? Sensitive skin that can be easily damaged does not appeal to me, no matter how fair it is. I just want to have clean, clear skin with no pimples.

Obviously light skinned women are beautiful, and I’m not trying to slam lighter skinned individuals. I just want to emphasize that being dark skinned does not make you any less attractive. Enjoy your shade. 

Boutique Gyms – Why?!

Have you ever walked past a boutique? With one impeccably dressed salesperson on guard, and designer clothing that cost more than your car instalments? And when you dare to have a look inside, you feel like you don’t belong – it does not matter how courteous and genuine the salesperson is, you feel like you don’t belong because you’re wearing a frumpy (but very comfy) dress and the designer outfits curl their lips with disdain and spit on your face when you step closer to them. Intimidating isn’t it?

It’s MUCH safer going to a large department store. Large gyms are great, I have a Virgin Active membership, but they are like large department stores. They have everything you need but there’s never anyone to assist you on a busy day and things are just lying all over the place because most people do not care to put them back. Sometimes you can’t find your size… clothing or weights, someone else beat you to it.

Boutique gyms are specialized and appeal to a certain type of individual (those who want a specific workout, eg HIIT or Kettlebells). Classes are more intimate, service is exceptional, it is always clean and it’s personalized – you become part of a family.  I will not lie – there is a sense of exclusivity and pride, of course. The atmosphere and the vibe are completely different to that of a large gym. Don’t get me wrong, I am not canceling my Virgin Active membership anytime soon – I love it but my workouts can become monotonous and leave me feeling demotivated. This is why l chose to indulge in specialized fitness classes at my favourite boutique gym, which is, for the moment, MovementX.

The classes are intense, they shatter me and taunt me to my point of failure yet I continue because boundaries are meant to be pushed, also, I am not quitting when there’s a super hot instructor shouting at me to “KEEP GOING!!” and  “MOVE YOUR ASS!!”

What these classes have done for me:

I am surrounded by individuals who are at their peak physical performance, they inspire me. Both are instructors and the clientèle are prime examples of strength and stamina; they are dedicated and encouraging and its almost like interacting with my goals. It motivates me, it supplements my gym routine adding variety and gives me the much needed kick up the arse to get the momentum going. No matter how dreadfully I think I perform, I always walk out feeling satisfied…one step closer to looking like Wonder Woman.

So, while they may not be the most economical choice on a regular basis, I definitely think its worth a try.

And there’s no disdain, only encouragement.

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