An Ode to Overy 

A few years ago, on a chilly morning, I sat in a queue at the Verulam licensing department. On my right was my mom and to my left was a guy – attractive but in a way that is unapproachable – and his father next to him. Somehow, we got talking, he was far from being unapproachable. In fact, he let me skip ahead of him. 

This is no love story, granted he is everything a girl would want (athletic; outdoorsy; has nice hands and snakes; is respectful) – but this is simply how I met a person who intrigues me to this day. 

He embodied traits that I wanted to adopt. I wanted to be active, and go on adventures. I wanted to be exciting. 

I found myself doing more and living fully – I had always wanted to surf, but something held me back. Would anything hold him back from something he wanted to do? Nope. If no one wanted to join, he’d do it himself. And slowly, I became even more independent and less afraid to do things on my own. I am now fiercely independent with the confidence to do things on my own.
Sometimes, we don’t realize that it’s the people we meet who influence us more than we care to admit, even in the briefest interactions.  

Today, we went for a “walk” – and a walk with him could mean anything from a casual stroll to a full blown hike. I was smart and wore sneakers. 

As you can see… I took photos. 

I found that I’m always connected to my cell phone. He chooses to have nothing on him, he is present in conversations and he experiences everything – even casual walks on the beach. In fact, he takes feeling seriously and ditched his slops. 
For whatever reason I had my cell phone on me, I had a different experience – I worried about getting it wet or falling. I was distracted at times. Luckily for me, I am aware of my flaws, and attaching my phone to me as if it’s another limb is a flaw. I tell myself it’s because I like to capture moments, this is true, but sometimes moments are there to be felt and remembered. 

In 2017, when we take photos and capture moments, is it really for us or is it for others to like and admire / envy our lives? 

When I asked him why he doesn’t post his amazing photos on social media, he simply said that his photos are for himself. 

So, thanks Aidan. Thanks for a unique friendship and lessons. 

Logging off… 📴


Happy-love glow 

Over the last two days, I’ve had a few guys who have suddenly taken a liking to me, these are guys who I have known for a while – and I’ve even had a crush on one of them, obviously he hadn’t seen me in that romantic light that I had envisioned. He was my flame for a moment, but he never bothered to sweep me off my feet. And suddenly, he sees me! Yay!! Right? 

But I have a boyfriend – and I love this man – so much that I don’t even care that my previous crush wants me, I don’t even have a secret sense of satisfaction, I’m completely indifferent.


 Have you ever noticed that nobody wants you when you’re single but everyone wants you when you’re in a relationship? It is true, people are attracted to the happy-love glow you’re exuding. 

Do NOT fall for the people who suddenly want you, they’re attracted to your happiness and confidence that you have because your significant other loves you so well. You know, it’s true about confidence being sexy and that a happy face is always a pretty face. 

Don’t give in to someone else’s fleeting desire when you’ve struck gold. You’re already sitting with the jackpot, why gamble? 

I don’t know about you, but I would rather be wanted and desired by one man who genuinely loves me, than masses of men who are turned on by my happy-love glow until they gravitate towards someone else’s glow. 

A much needed break 

Everyone needs to experience a heartbreak. It’s rejuvenating.

When you go through a heartbreak, your world falls apart. It is devastating and you you’re drowning in a sea of emotions – betrayal, insecurity, sadness. You aren’t sure if the pain will kill your or make you stronger.

From experience, I can tell you that the pain does in fact kill you. It kills the weak part of you and it is a slow, painful death. People deal with loss in many ways, some turn to extreme behavior while others sulk for months. Regardless, you will find that after this tragedy, all that’s left is a stronger, sexier NEW YOU.

Heart breaks occur to everyone, a break up horror story is like a horoscope prediction – no matter your star sign, its all applicable to you at some point of your life. It’s so general even when it feels so personal.

My first and worst heartbreak happened so fast. It happened over a weekend, he loved me on the Friday and on Saturday he stood me up, on Sunday he told me we were over. Swift hey. I was distraught and confused.

I did not get an explanation why his heart rejected mine. What he did give me was a web of lies – and he soon became entangled in his lies and naturally, became defensive.Typical. He abused me verbally and emotionally. My cruel first love whom I loved so intensely and so unconditionally showed no mercy.

Argh, insert pathetic messages and feelings of wanting to die.

A part of me died (and thank God, the pathetic me died, so I’m left with 100% awesome), but it has made me who I am today. I am smarter, more confident and I know how to handle my feelings in a mature manner.

Never be afraid to give your whole heart to someone, don’t fear the heartbreak, if it happens, its a much needed break. I speak about mine so casually, but at the time it felt like I was being skinned alive. It was brutal but I got over it and so does everyone else.

Love, and love hard.


Allow me to introduce you to my friend, Kyle. He’s a handsome, well-mannered guy who works hard. Sometimes he turns to a bucket of chicken wings to help him deal with life’s stresses. He also has a great sense of humour and doesn’t mind this blog post.

Each week, I am bestowed with a voice note from Kyle, of what has annoyed him, it is not the usual whining, but the funniest string of swear words one can think of. He goes off like a loaded shotgun, and there is nothing that entertains me more.

His latest issue (which I have heard many times) regards KFC – the glorious fast food chain.  He loves them, the chicken is delicious and their crispy coats have consoled him during the tough times and celebrated his successes with him during the good times. He has tried to stay away but the separation anxiety overwhelmed him. Alas, he sacrificed his chiseled abs for them. That’s love.

The problem however, is always being asked if he would like to donate R2 to the their CSI initiative to aid homeless kids. Kyle thinks that is a load of crap, KFC should use a % of their profits to make a substantial donation, and not take his money especially since he has already bought all the fried chicken he can fit onto the backseat of his car, he has made a worthy contribution to the survival of the franchise and now they want MORE? How dare they?! Greedy bastards.

Now throw in queues, road rage and snobby staff and we have the K-Bomb.


Easy lay only 6km away

04/02/2015 – My Tinder debut.

It’s all the rage… “what an AWESOME app to meet new people and make friends!!”

Meeting new people is great, there is a lot of diversity out there if we just take the time to look around, and I suppose, we feel safer behind our phones and PCs – rejection doesn’t pierce you like a dagger to the heart – so Tinder is a great app for that purpose.

This afternoon, I downloaded Tinder and eagerly browsed through all the guys (and girls) within an 80km radius. I was curious to see who is out there, what people are interested in and hoped someone would captivate me.

While I was not looking for love or a potential hook-up, by browsing through men an women, a few women misunderstood my interest – I simply “liked”any individual who, after reading their bio, seemed fascinating. After the confusion I had caused, I decided it was simpler to swipe right for the guys only. I was very pleased to see that there are MANY sporty and active guys around me, I love being surrounded by people with similar interests to me as much as I love learning new things.

A few clicks later…MATCH!! I was so excited – I may have felt unattractive and sloppy at that moment but somehow my photo managed to get me a match or 9… confidence booster!!

I very eagerly replied to a message, but the pleasantries were cut short with a “F*** me you’re hot. No… please do”

“Baby?” I am in town for one night only, would you like to have a drink?”

This was the case for 6 out of 9 matches, which made me wonder if condom sales are increasing as the popularity of Tinder increases. I think I will retire from Tinder and try the old school, face-to-face introductions.