White is right

… If you’re rice, maybe

Joelle Kayembe, South African model – she’s dark-skinned and unbelievably gorgeous!

Why do dark skinned women feel less attractive than light skinned women? Why do we spend so much money on lightening and bleaching products? 

… Well not me, I’d rather treat myself to a spa day. 

I’m an Indian woman, and while I’m not the darkest person, I’m closer to black than I am to white. And it gets “worse” –  when I spend time in the sun… I begin to look like a shadow.



Me, on a normal day – no crazy sun tan yet but so brown!



And guess what – I have no problem with that. With so many body issues, it’s liberating to feel comfortable in my skin.

I’ve grown up around people who wished they were lighter in complexion, and those who were lighter never wanted to venture out in the sun. Were they afraid that their lightness would disappear forever?

The Indian community can be really superficial (even mean) regarding skin colour, the guys want to date the light skinned girls, and both male and females dub dark skinned people as less attractive. Often you’ll hear people say “she’s so beautiful and fair”

Or “she’s pretty but she’s dark”

Honestly, when my skin looks really dark after sun exposure, I don’t feel attractive because I’m not used to seeing myself like that, however I get over that quickly when neon colors pop off my skin and it looks amazing. Just look…

Neon looks great on tan and dark skin tones.


Instead of using filters to lighten and brighten my skin in photos, I use them to make myself a shade darker. Because who cares? F.U society.

There is nothing sexier than confidence, and while we’re all insecure about our bodies (no matter how gorgeous we are), we can change and improve certain things – work on our fitness to get a leaner body; squat for a perkier bum; change the colour of our hair; trim and shape our monster eyebrows… There’s so much to deal with so why must we now worry about our skin colour too? It can be altered, but at what cost? Sensitive skin that can be easily damaged does not appeal to me, no matter how fair it is. I just want to have clean, clear skin with no pimples.

Obviously light skinned women are beautiful, and I’m not trying to slam lighter skinned individuals. I just want to emphasize that being dark skinned does not make you any less attractive. Enjoy your shade. 


eeeeuw I sorta like it 

Copious amounts of makeup, fat asses and big egos. Why are we addicted to KUWTK?! 

There is no family more popular and more superficial than the Kardashians. KUWTK is the pudding that fucks up your healthy diet of news and national geographic. After an episode, I always think, I could have studied instead… And then I watch the next one. Sigh, I really don’t hate it, Kim K and her sisters have schooled me on fashion and makeup more than glamour magazines ever have. 


  • Works long hours for low wages
  • Not a member of pesky trade unions
  • Works under extreme and dangerous situations
  • Does not ask for breaks
  • Does not complain
  • Will not argue with you

Can you guess who this is??

The appeal of using child labour is obvious – children are compliant and can be easily intimidated; they do not have trade unions to bargain for better pay and working conditions; and they are innocent and uneducated which makes them easy to exploit.

There are many stages of production in the fashion, construction and agricultural industries and shrewd employers get away with using child labour because large companies and customers cannot keep track of every stage of the process. In 2001, one of the biggest brands in the world took a major blow when they admitted to using child labour in Pakistan and Cambodia. This sent other brands spiraling on a course to ensure that they were not going to suffer the same fate. And while Nike has recovered from that (due to extensive CSI and governance measures) and rised to popularity again, the reality is devastating – even with businesses actively implementing extravagant CSI initiatives and encouraging ethical practice, the use of child labour has found its place in the market.

Next week, 4 April 2015, is Child Labour Day in South Africa, and I thought it would be appropriate to think, and encourage discussion about this problem. I have chosen some photos from the inter-web that depict the seriousness and gravity of child labour. Essentially, it is abuse. It deprives them of their childhood and exposes them to dangerous environments. SO WHY DOES IT OCCUR? Because they are the perfect employees.

There is a definite correlation between poverty, lack of education and child labour. Countries like India and Bangladesh have some of the highest rates of poverty and child labour, recruiters convince impoverished parents to allow their young children to work at their factories. There are promises of meals, accommodation, education and a good pay. Sounds great, right? It would be except the children who are as young as 5 years old, are forced to work in appalling conditions – earning nothing more than a few cents. Their parents are too poor, too ignorant and too desperate to protect them.