Festive feasting: Book Binge

I’ve been starved, and now I’m devouring novel after novel 😁

2016’s backside is slowly moving out of sight and I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t read many novels. In my defensive, 2016 has been a difficult but rewarding year. As my first year of articles of clerkship, I’ve read. Thousands of pages – for work, there’s a lot of words in the legal profession. I’ve also written 10 examinations while working full time. So between perusing legal documents and studying, this chicka has been starved of good, thrilling books. 

However, I’ve redeemed myself this festive season and I’ve been through 5 novels in two weeks. I didn’t rush, I savoured every word (and stayed up all night some nights). They were fantastic and worth a recommendation. So if you’re craving a book that is easy to read and fast-paced, consider the following books: 

1. Irene, Alex and Camille by Pierre Lemaitre – death, lies and intrigue. These books, especially Alex, were so unpredictable! 

2. The girl with all the gifts by M R Carey – a zombie thriller like no other, maybe the best one I’ve read albeit the last zombie book I’ve read was Goosebumps. 

3. The couple next door by Shari Lapeña – a husband fornicating with the neighbour, a baby stolen from its crib, an emotionally volatile woman…what could go wrong, right?  I couldn’t get enough of this book. 

Credit must be given to my delicious boyfriend who purchased & recommended the books to me! Xoxo


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