Hello Naledi! 

Regardless of your views on religion and science, you cannot deny that, however controversial, they both tell the best stories which are equally fascinating and provocative. 

Today, 10 September 2015, is significant – Homo Naledi made their debut to mankind. 

Homo erectus was discovered in 1891, homo ergaster (skull) was discovered in 1949 and now, in 2015, we have discovered another species! I cannot contain my excitement for the discovery of the Homo Naledi fossil. When I heard that there was a big announcement, it never occurred to me that we’d find a new species – I assumed that we’d find out that homosapiens liked to fart while doing handstands or that Jesus broke a toe and we found a little fragment of his toe bone in South Africa. I’m glad I was wrong because science has once again ammended history and evolution charts. 

Aren’t you intrigued? I am. I just want to know everything about those creatures. Their habits, their homes, their lifestyle. We know that they buried their dead, do you wonder if they shared any other behavior with us? Did they revere or worship anything? 

To me, religion and science is like the age old question of what came first – The chicken or the egg? 

See the photos here


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