In December 2013, I met two guys. Their names are Atandwa Kani and Nathaniel Ramabulana. 

I knew they were talented actors, I watched how people gravitated towards them and couldn’t stop blushing when they spoke to the Atandwa and Nat. 

However, I have never watched much television, so I didn’t recognize them immediately, but Atandwa looked very familiar. Then I remembered – he played the role of young Mandela in the movie “Long Walk to Freedom.” Wow! And Nat, everything about him commands respect, the man is a powerhouse! 
After working with them, I hadn’t seen them but kept in touch. On Sunday, 10 May 2015 (almost two years later), I had the privilege to watch their performance of Hayani (which means “home” in Venda). 

I knew it would be entertaining because they are charming and full of life, when they walk into a room – bitch, you’ll notice them. Admittedly, I am a little embarrassed for not knowing what incredibly talented performers I had met. The story was beautiful, insightful and funny. Great acting coupled with a talented guitarist really set the seen for a spectacular afternoon. 

They skillfully switched between South African accents (and languages), danced, cried and shared their stories while engaging with the audience. We felt like we were an integral part of the story. Their stage presence and chemistry captivated me.

I have huge respect for Atandwa and Nat, they’re theatrical royalty!

Theatre is amazing, ever so often you witness something that moves you, and Hayani is an example. 


3 thoughts on “Hayani 

      1. I am sleep deprived… so I can’t be sure… but I want to think that I watched it… but I will watch it again!

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