Guess what!

…Your God won’t love you less if you adopt a black baby!

There are thousands of infants and children who need homes. There are many reasons for this: they are born at an inconvenient time – “a mistake”; economic constraints or prejudice against the parents result in many children being abandoned; abortion may be prohibited amongst certain groups; the child may be a product of incest or rape and it is emotionally damaging for the mother to look after the child; or the parents are deceased.

People consider adopting for many reasons, and it is a personal choice to have an age, race and religious preference. There is nothing wrong with that, but the ugly truth is, black just does not fit into families. Black cats and dogs are the last to be adopted, that is a fact.

Another fact that is hard to swallow is that it isn’t any different for black children who are always the last to be adopted, some are never adopted and spend their lives moving from one orphanage to the next.

If you spend time with a child who does not fit into your ideals, but whom you have a connection with and you could provide a great life for that, is it not your responsibility to give that child a home? Or will you say, sorry, she’s not indian/white so I can’t.


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