don’t look!

Gym change rooms are home to some of the best (and worst) cringe-worthy moments. I have had countless! From making eye contact with a woman who’s wiping her crotch dry to sitting in the steam room with a woman who thought it was a good idea to bring shower gel in – FOAM EVERYWHERE. OMG.

And then there are the naked bodies. Have you ever bumped into a person on your way out of the shower? Have you felt their cold wet body brush against you for the longest, most awkward moment ever? I have, because some women just like hanging out with the business hanging all over the place.

I have always been shy about prancing around the change room in the buff. I cover my body with a towel and somehow manage to get dressed with a towel around me, clumsily moving my hips to the left and to the right to allow my underwear up (it would have taken a split second if I had dropped the towel and pulled up my underwear).

Another problem is, my body is never completely dry – I hastily put on a dress making sure no one steals a glimpse at my breasts because OMG I will die if someone has to peek only to realize my back or arms are still wet after a shower.

Many have witnessed my ungraceful attempts of getting dressed, and I don’t blame them, it certainly invites a few stares. I know that I look foolish trying to hide my jewels. 

Today, I decided that it was enough, I decided not to haphazardly dress myself or worry about other women seeing my bum. If they do, 10 points to them!

I have realized that when naked, women don’t want to make eye contact with strangers, THEY look down, I’ve always looked down, never wanting to make eye contact while I took my clothes off. Awkies 

So today, I made my bare-bum debut and it was liberating. Some looked and didn’t bother, others were horrified and didn’t know where to look. They will probably blog about the girl who threw her towel on the floor and walked around with her ass on display (a hyperbole of course, I did not throw my towel on the floor).


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