I have not yet watched the 50 Shades of Grey movie, but it seems that people either love or hate it. It’s controversial and people waste no time slamming it. A number of BDSM practitioners have claimed that the movie does not successfully illustrate BDSM, in fact, they say it doesn’t come close. Other people believe that the movie promotes an abusive relationship. But what is it that wets interests us?

Firstly, I will confess that I have read the books – all 3. Not because I thought it was great, without being too harsh, I will say that it wasn’t the best written book HOWEVER it aroused my curiosity and I have never read erotica, I wanted the dirt! Furthermore, I wanted to know more about the filthy rich, gorgeous and somewhat damaged Mr Grey and hoped the books would improve. It did – but it wasn’t the sex that hooked me (which is mildly disappointing – I wanted hot, orgasmic action) – that was badly written and awkward to read. It was the psychological aspect, which although flimsy, was the best thing about the book.

Every woman has had a fantasy of a being swept off her feet by a sexy, successful man, and that is the reason behind an average book becoming a global phenomenon – and E.L James undoubtedly has an amazing publicist.

Although MalaysiaIndonesia and Kenya have banned the movie due to the sexual content, the movie did not portray any sexually explicit scenes – much to the disappointment of many movie goers. While there aren’t any explicit scenes, I have a problem with the age restriction being 16SNL.

A sixteen year old is not mature enough to understand or comprehend this type of movie. Raging hormones and a story about a woman who falls in love with a man who wants to control her and have his way with her – threatening to gag her and ignoring safe words, will only lead to trouble. The book (and movie) is romanticized but a girl who is eager to please her boyfriend could subject herself to abuse and manipulation. Boys too, will get the impression that it is acceptable to treat a woman they way Christian Grey does – minus the money.

Will I watch the movie? Definitely, I’d like to formulate my own opinion on it and indulge in this fantasy. Hopefully good casting and great directing will make this movie tantalizing and stimulate me more than the book did.

On another note, the official soundtrack is absolutely sexy!


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