Easy lay only 6km away

04/02/2015 – My Tinder debut.

It’s all the rage… “what an AWESOME app to meet new people and make friends!!”

Meeting new people is great, there is a lot of diversity out there if we just take the time to look around, and I suppose, we feel safer behind our phones and PCs – rejection doesn’t pierce you like a dagger to the heart – so Tinder is a great app for that purpose.

This afternoon, I downloaded Tinder and eagerly browsed through all the guys (and girls) within an 80km radius. I was curious to see who is out there, what people are interested in and hoped someone would captivate me.

While I was not looking for love or a potential hook-up, by browsing through men an women, a few women misunderstood my interest – I simply “liked”any individual who, after reading their bio, seemed fascinating. After the confusion I had caused, I decided it was simpler to swipe right for the guys only. I was very pleased to see that there are MANY sporty and active guys around me, I love being surrounded by people with similar interests to me as much as I love learning new things.

A few clicks later…MATCH!! I was so excited – I may have felt unattractive and sloppy at that moment but somehow my photo managed to get me a match or 9… confidence booster!!

I very eagerly replied to a message, but the pleasantries were cut short with a “F*** me you’re hot. No… please do”

“Baby?” I am in town for one night only, would you like to have a drink?”

This was the case for 6 out of 9 matches, which made me wonder if condom sales are increasing as the popularity of Tinder increases. I think I will retire from Tinder and try the old school, face-to-face introductions.


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