“You can fart around me”

“Huh?” Ladies don’t fart…

Well we pretend that we don’t. That word is almost offensive and can only be interpreted as an accusation, it’s a horrific lashing to our womanly virtue.

If you have ever let one slip in public, you know that you can’t fully enjoy the satisfaction of releasing the gas – instead, you are clothed with shame and embarrassment. Man or woman, our farts do not smell like roses, in fact, they could probably obliterate rose bushes.

So, naturally, you can imagine my surprise when my new beau tells me I have flatulence freedom. This is, obviously, not a bad thing.

Thank you, Romeo!



One thought on ““You can fart around me”

  1. I am happy for you that you have found someone who understands that farts happen. I, too, understand that women fart and give all my friend girls, flatulent freedom. Hell, lets even make a game of it. lol


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