No big deal

I slumped on the couch, threw my feet up and casually browsed through the TV channels. This is low point for day time TV. Everything is horribly uninteresting; I felt robbed of every second I wasted watching a show about UFOs and Big Foot, my brain felt as if it had been depleted of all intellect. I desperately asked a friend to recommend a good movie for me to watch before deciding to watch the news – from CNN to Sky to BBC World News… I soaked it all in, my brain needed rescuing.

All the news channels extensively covered “Je Suis Charlie” – a brutal massacre. A tragedy. I heard the sighs and the “Oh my God’s” and suddenly I was surrounded by people. Everyone moved in closer to get a better view of what was going on in Paris. And then the view switched from Paris to Nigeria, the sighing had stopped, in fact, I looked around and once again, I was alone. No one wanted to see what has happening in Nigeria. Boko Haram continues to slaughter innocent people – people who do not try to offend Islam or draw Mohammed or provoke any response. Why have we not been outraged at this? Why do we see the horrific images and nobody gasps in shock? Are we so accustomed to seeing black people suffering and being killed? And how are 200 girls still missing?! Do you think the world would have left white/asian/indian girls in the hands of Boko Haram?

I don’t want to watch a movie now. I turn on the news and watched a bloody, political drama as it unfolds.

I hope these images ruin your day. I hope your heart breaks. This is not supposed to be swept under the carpet.



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