Is Islam a disease?

Spreading, killing, filling graveyards…


I do not condemn any religion, to condemn one means to condemn them all. I have a diverse social circle and I will not hate other races and religions, primarily because my own isn’t faultless and I believe there are more good people than bad, however evil people are gifted with strong influential skills and are live wires. There is something to learn from every autocratic and terrorist leader. How do they ignite a spark in hundreds and thousands of people to follow them? I can’t even get 3 people to follow my blog. 

But can someone please help me get to the bottom of Islam? I need to understand why it’s only fanatical Muslims who will kill on such a grand scale. I have always said that Christianity and other religions kill behind closed doors. They are not innocent. But none of them spread like a blazing wildfire, ruthlessly destroying everything in its path. From beheading to stoning their own to strapping bombs on children. Islam, as a whole, might not be a disease but it certainly breeds violence and destruction.


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